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The Most Comfortable Gaming Chair Available!

RFM Carmel

Are you an avid gamer and sit for over 6 hours at a time? If so, it may be time to get a custom-built gaming chair to fit you uniquely. Whether you like sitting up or are leaning back while gaming, it is crucial to maintain proper body support. A custom-built gaming chair can look fresh and provide all the back support and comfort you need and more.

Key benefits of building a custom gaming chair:


  • Superior adjustable air lumbar support
  • Thoracic & shoulder support
  • A seat cushion designed for your body size
  • Get an adjustable headrest that keeps your head forward while reclining
  • Adjustable armrests that can move up/down, in/out, or fold back
  • Ability to choose from hundreds of fabrics to get the look you want
  • Select from various cushion types that feel best for you: memory foam, dense foam, dual density foam, etc.
  • Get a seat slider for seat depth adjustment
  • Get a ratchet style seat back adjustment to fit a variety of heights
  • 10-year warranty on select chairs

Our top sellers for a good reason: 

  1. RFM Carmel – Custom built to fit body with superior lumbar and thoracic support, specially designed for long periods of sitting. 10-year warranty. 
  2. B2L Marathon – Custom built to fit you. Adjustable lumbar support, rocking, thoracic support, and tilt adjustment. 
  3. Humanscale Freedom – Automatically adjusts to the user with a weight-sensitive, self-locking recline mechanism. Superior design features. The headrest features a dynamic support that cradles the head and neck during recline but remains neutral when in upright positions. 15-year warranty. 

Freedom Task Chair for Gaming by Harris WorkSystems

Customize these chairs to fit you, and the look you are desire. Choose from hundreds of fabrics, select a foam or fabric that feels comfortable to you, and select from several other ergonomic additions.

An investment for your back Natural Curve of Spine in Office Chair by Harris WorkSystems - Oregon - Portland

As ergonomic specialists,  we understand that all spines are not equal. If you enjoy gaming but have trouble sitting long periods, we have solutions and can help ease the pain. We have lots of options and solutions and would love to help you feel comfortable while sitting. 

  • Relieve some tailbone pain with a coccyx/tailbone cutout seat pan
  • Reduce blood pooling with a waterfall edge and tilted seat pan
  • Disperse weight with a tractor style seat pan 
  • Support and relax your shoulders with the appropriate chair arms
  • Much more options available 

Visit our showroom in Tigard, Oregon, for a complimentary chair fitting and to test or build your next gaming chair. 

We can also do chair fitting remotely, just send us an email and we will get you started. 

Special pricing available when you contact us directly! 

Happy Gaming! 

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