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Office Furniture Showroom in Oregon!

Test your next office before you buy it Harris WorkSystems

Test your next office before you buy it!  Does your office need a remodel? Or are you planning on opening a new office location? Stop by our showroom in Tigard, Oregon, to test your next office before you buy it. Our showroom features over 30+ ergonomic office chairs, electric height adjustable desks,…

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The Real Meaning of Ergonomics and Ergonomic Furniture

What does it really mean to be ergonomic2

Ergonomics, the word, may soon suffer the same fate as “natural” if we’re not careful. Have you noticed how much “natural” food there is? It turns out, it doesn’t mean much of anything. That’s because the standards are so vague that a lot of decidedly unnatural seeming foods bear the…

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