Social Distancing Products

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Safeguard your employees and customers with social distancing products. We have you covered with: sneeze guards, desk protection screens, and mobile dividers.

Consisting of non-porous easy to clean materials these products will give your staff and customers piece of mind. Our products easily integrate into reception, open plan offices, and point of sale areas.

 Our expert staff is ready to assist you in selecting the correct product for your business.

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MergeWorks Villa Clear Mobile Wall
MergeWorks Villa Clear Mobile Wall

sneeze guards

Easy to clean and disinfect

Pass through opening on bottom is ideal for reception areas.

Materials: Clear or frosted acrylic

Mounting options: Non-skid standing feet, removable clamps, or permanent mounts.

Standard Sizes

Widths: 23″ | 30″ | 36″ | 42″ | 47″ | 54″ |

Heights: 24″ | 28″ | 36″

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Room dividers

Aside from standard preventative measures like hand washing and mouth covering, it’s important to provide enough space for your team to practice social distancing and continue to work productively. 

Divide and maximize your current space with modular panels. Either opt for a full acrylic panel or customize your screen with PET or laminate panels. 

Available in a multitude of sizes and configurations.

panel extenders

Already have partitions and just need some extra height? Not to worry we have you covered. Add up to 30″ of height in clear or frosted acrylic to your existing panel runs.

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