Humanscale M2 Arm


The M2 embodies what a monitor arm should be, allowing the user to work in a healthy posture by setting the monitor at an optimal distance and height. Collaboration is made easier through effortless screen sharing, and desk space is increased. The M2’s seamless cable management and minimal design enhances the look of any workstation.

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The M2 monitor arm offers effortless height and depth adjustment, with the ability to support a wide range flat-screens. Screens weighing from 8 – 20 lbs. Instead of using a gas cylinder to counterbalance the weight of the monitor, the M2 monitor arm uses extension-spring technology. The M2 redefines high performance monitor arms with its design, durability, and performance.

Less Is More

Made of steel and aluminum, M2 has fewer moving parts than other articulating monitor arms and no gas cylinder. This means an ultra-thin profile and longer life span than traditional gas-spring models. The M2 monitor arm has Humanscale’s 15-year warranty.

Flexible Intuition

The M2 has an arm reach of 510mm (20”), height adjustment of 255mm (10”) and an additional 305mm (12”) link. It also features a removable 180-degree stop that protects walls and panels. There are also flexible arm options available that can support monitors weighing from 4 to 20lbs. The M2 is considered to be one of the most versatile monitor arms available.

A New Level of Customization

Add-on options include multiple surface attachments and the M2 Light, a notebook holder that can accommodate 9”-14” laptops. Docking stations are also available. Contact us for more details

A New Level of Sustainability

Fewer parts mean fewer manufacturing process. The light weigh design reduces shipping materials and resources. No gas cylinders, which are difficult to recycle.

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