HAG Capisco Puls


The HAG Capisco Puls provides you with all the benefits of the HAG Capisco, except that it’s lighter. Fore lively environments such as creative workplaces, it’s a versatile choice. It’s easy to wipe down, and like the HAG Capisco, perfectly suits height adjustable desks.


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The HÅG Capisco Puls

With its light, edgy-shaped back and seat, the HAG Capisco Puls is an ideal solution for work spaces where you sit for shorter periods of time, like meetings, touch-down areas, home offices and collaboration areas.

A Design Icon – Still Going Strong

Few furniture designs withstand the test of time as well as the HAG Capisco. Established as a seating icon for over 30 years, the chair is as popular and contemporary today as the day it was launched.

Sit at Various Heights

No other task chair is so well adapted to sitting at different heights.

The flexible height ranges of the HÅG Capisco and the HÅG Capisco Puls
make it easy to shift between sitting, standing and perching.
Frequently varying your position this way provides a unique alternative
to changing between sitting, standing and perching positions.
By moving more you will feel energized and therefore more
focused on the task at hand. This is also the perfect way to
reduce fatigue that is often associated with standing desks.

Inspires Variation

The unique saddle seat of both the HAG Capisco and HAG Capisco Puls enables balanced sitting, a sitting posture that inspires various positions.

With this posture the lumbar curve is preserved, the hip joint angles are open, and muscles are
well-balanced and relaxed to eliminate the strain on your body that is often associated with conventional sitting. The chair encourages creative, alternate sitting positions. Forwards, backwards or sideways – the best sitting position is always the next one.

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