Commercial Sales

Ergonomic Solutions = Improved Health & Comfort = Greater Productivity

We love the role we play in helping people to become and stay healthier at work. When people are more comfortable at their ergonomic workstations their productivity goes up naturally. We’ve helped both public and private organizations create efficient, comfortable, healthy workspaces – from budgeting to design to implementation. We’d love to help your company or organization, too. Just give us a call.

Space Planning

Our design team will work with you to select fabrics and finishes to match your office décor and to lay out furniture to help create an efficient workspace. We also have a flexible cubicle, office, and wall solutions.

Project Management

Do you have a large refurnishing project? Let our trained team members become part of your planning team. We’ll help the project go smoothly from design to installation.

Ergonomic Assessments for Every Body

All of our representatives are ergonomically trained, so we can help you select ergonomic furniture and accessories to fit your team members. Using anthropomorphic measurements we’ll get the right equipment for you.

Delivery & Installation

If you are a local customer our professional installation team will deliver and install, then show you how to utilize your new ergonomic equipment.

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Harris WorkSystems’ team is here to help you create the most efficient, cost-effective and healthy improvements to your work environment.

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“If you improve their comfort and postural health you’re going to improve their productivity. We’ve seen it happen over and over with our clients.”

– Colleen Harris